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Jim Logis's System
Established a supply chain system towards
the top-notch economic distribution powerhouse,
which will be drawn on the Korean Peninsula!!
The age of Northeast Asia economic hegemony!! Established a supply chain system towards
the Korean Peninsula, which will become the center of the world’s distribution!!
Optimum service with flexibility
and competitiveness
We provide a various range of air transportation goods that perfectly suits the level of service and price the clients want.
Optimum service through preferred
service contract
We provide an effective and flexible service in all processes.
Expedite service affiliated with international
transportation and railway transport
We provide a various range of transportation goods with door-to-door service as its base
Modern facilities, open spaces,
optimum service by professional manpower
We provide sorting and storage service depending on the characteristics of freight
Fast and accurate freight transportation
service provides the consulting
according to the characteristics of freights
We provide quick transportation and custom clearing service to anywhere
in the world through a systematic safety management system
Clients & main vendors
partnered with Jim Logis Co., Ltd.
From export and import freights, packing of freight, and transportation, to customs
clearance and shipment, we promise to establish a comprehensive transport system
to deliver your products promptly, accurately, and safely with honesty and responsibility.
The global logistics innovation
leading company JJim Logis Co., Ltd.
the one-stop total physical logistics service that puts customer satisfaction first, provides prompt
and high-quality delivery service to anywhere in the world through a systematic logistics transport.